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In 1985, a very vocal residents' action group from North Holroyd made representations to the Council regarding the need for services north of the highway. These representations became part of a "Social Plan" and were taken up in the following year by the worker there at that time - Fran Kendrick.

In 1986, after public consultation with community members, the residents' group was incorporated as "Holroyd Community Development Association". The incorporation process itself was funded through BBQ's and tennis nights. This is true community development.

In 1987 funding was successfully obtained for a community development worker in northern Holroyd. HCDA were able to initiate projects such as two before- and-after-school activity centres, which are still functioning independently today.

Various other projects were raised and pursued, such as The Tree Planters' Group, Mobile Minders, and the Happy Friday Club.

Cassia Neighbourhood Centre was funded in 1990 and almost immediately became a meeting place for locals. It continues to thrive today.

HCDA and Cassia Neighbourhood Centre now operate under one name - Cassia Community Centre. We receive our core funding through NSW Family and Community Services.

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